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A worthy or "stand-up" person, usually amongst the free-thinking culture, a "headie" or a "heady" individual is one who is about morals and family. At Headies Boutique & Gallery in Palm Springs, California, we identify with this term and we hope that you do too.
Initially, a term used for quality cannabis entrepreneur, but with the decriminalization/medicinal legislation of Cannabis, a "headie" or a "heady kid" can describe any person of good moral standing. Derived from the term "headies" used for flavorful, medical, high grade cannabis genetics, which a "heady" person will usually share/smoke, philosophy and good vibes with his/her family and friends. The word also has roots in the label of "DeadHead," a nomer which has been associated with Grateful Dead fans. It's good to be Heady!
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